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Sunday, April 1, 2012

mono printing on the weekend.

Felt it was time I updated my stash of monprints, already had some calico which i had previously stained with eucalyptus leaves, giving the calico some great markings.  i used this calico for the monoprints, which came out reasonably well.  I will now use these for various odds and ends, including handmade journals and handembroidered pieces.

Saturday, March 24, 2012

fannyfanacapan: encaustic work

fannyfanacapan: encaustic work: today was the day to get stuck into the encaustic work.  Had the frypan ready, the wax, the crystals, natural brushes, hot air gun.  What an...

encaustic work

today was the day to get stuck into the encaustic work.  Had the frypan ready, the wax, the crystals, natural brushes, hot air gun.  What an interesting experience.  But hey, practice makes perfect, and I willneed a lot of practice to get it smooth, not too thick, getting the temperature correct,  scraping off the excess.  The end result however is so good.  Will have another go at it tomorrow.  Would love to hear anyone's comments if they are good at it, any advice will be accepted with thanks.

Friday, March 23, 2012

back to the pigpen

It has been about two years now since I have blogged, life goes in different directions, mainly fulltime work, when I would rather be down in the pigpen creating, but the world takes on another tack, shifts the goal posts.
But hey , I'm back now, so many things i want to do, first one is encaustic work.  Going to start tomorrow, have canvases and boards ready, the encaustic material, and the whole day.  I'll be back with some photos.

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Disappearing Days and nights

Where have the last couple of months disappeared to?  Firstly, my darling man broke his leg, then his leg developed a blood clot, so he is off work for a few months until it corrects itself.  Grae's dad has been in and out of hospital for his leg cancer, now also developing a blood clot.  My mum who has althzeimers, is fading, it is only a matter of time.  Our precious dog Warrix died, We had a tornado rip through our place, take the roof, uprooting trees, crashing fences and covering most things with a layer of mud and water.  The good news is that Kris and Pip's baby is on the way, Pip in hospital right at this moment, with junior Wescombe endeavouring to enter this world.
Life is a little tiring at the moment, but as Buddha says, we are only sent what we can deal with.

Friday, November 19, 2010


Have you ever felt that you were covered by a heavy mist which throws your world out of focus.  The last 2 weeks have been a little like that for me, with the love of my life in so much pain, driving up and down to Perth to the hospital  just to be with him.  Thankfully he is now home, operated on yesterday, I picked him up this afternoon, and he is propped up on pillows downstairs being royally waited upon.  Life changes in an instant.  Plans which were made are unmade if there is such a word.  But life goes on and we are thankful that we are here, and it could have been worse.
The winner of the bag was Nerida Johnson from New Zealand which was so good to have her entry.  Makes the world seem somuch smaller.
Big rest tomorrow, art work on hold for a while until my man gets better.

Sunday, November 14, 2010


Tomorrow is the big draw, I have had a lot of email entries which is great.  Will post the winner's name probably Tuesday, as tomorrow morning I drive the beloved to Royal Perth Hospital for his big op.  His lovely mum is staying with us which has been very helpful with his nibs, being waited on by all.  Will take the knitting and sewing to fill in the time.

ribbons galor

ribbons galor
soft and sweet

elegance in gold

elegance in gold
rich gold fabric with black tulle finish

velvet clutch

velvet clutch
soft apricot velvet with chiffon ruching and seed brooch